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For a full details on how to claim your bonus see our 888 Poker Bonus guide.

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Step 2 - Register for your Free Account

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Still not sure? No problem - We've put together detailed step by step instructions for you...

Step 1 - Download & Install the 888 Poker Software

Click on Download Now to go to the 888 Poker download page and follow the instructions below.

1.1 Download 888 poker software

1.1 – Hit the “Download Now” button to start the software download to your computer.

1.2 Save the software

1.2 – Select the "Run" option to start the installation of the software.

1.3 Install the Software

1.3 – The software installation program will start.

1.4 Select the installation Folder

1.4 – Select the installation folder or accept the default location.

1.5 Software Installation

1.5 – The software installation will be completed automatically.

1.6 Install Complete

1.6 – Once the installation is complete the lobby will appear where you can register or login.

Step 2 - Create Your Free Account

After the software has installed then you can create your personal account and choose your own username which will be the name that you appear as at the tables.

2.1 Click Register Now

2.1 – Once in the lobby select the "Register Now" button to create your free player account.

2.2 Complete the user registration form

2.2 – Complete the short user registration form with your details and choose your username.

2.3 Login

2.3 – Now you can login to your player account with the username and password that you have just setup.

Step 3 - Login and Hit the Tables

Now you have signed up, the only thing left for you to do is to claim your free welcome package, including your free first deposit bonus - that's up to $400 completely free as a gift from 888 Poker and your free $8 welcome tickets and entries into the $2.5million freeroll series - not bad at all!

3.1 Lobby Cashier Button

3.1 – To get started at the tables, select the "Cashier" Button from the lobby.

3.2 Cashier

3.2 – Once in the cashier screen - select your chosen deposit method from the left hand side and fill out the short form with your payment details.

3.3 Play

3.3 – With your first deposit complete, you can now select any table from the lobby and sit down to play.

If you are having any problems getting started with 888 Poker then please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be only too happy to try and help you out.

Don’t like pictures? Here is the text version…

Downloading the Software

Downloading 888 Poker is a simple process. To start the process click on the Download Now button anywhere on this page and then look for the orange Download Now button on the following page.

By clicking on this the 888 software will automatically start to download. If you are presented with an option to “Run” or “Save” then select the Run option. If you are not presented with this option then once the download is complete then select the downloaded file and double click it to start the installation program.

Now the installation program has started, it will complete the initial setup of the files required for the installation process. When this is complete you will be presented with a screen that allows you to accept the default installation location or to browse and select another folder on your computer that you would like the program installed to. Make your selection and click the next button to continue.

The software will now install all the required files to your computer and upon completion the 888 poker software will start and you will see the lobby screen showing you that the software has installed correctly and you are now ready to register for a player account.

There will also be a 888 Poker icon on your desktop and in your start menu where you can start the software at any time.

Creating an Account

When you launch the 888 poker software after the installation is complete, you will be presented by the lobby screen. In the top right corner there will be two options to “Login” or “Register Now”.  Select the Register Now button to create your free player account. Without this you will not be able to play at the tables.

A 3 step form will pop up asking you to complete your details such as your name etc. You will also be asked to select a username which you will use to login and also is the name that you will appear as at the tables, so choose wisely!

After you have completed your free player account registration, then a login screen will appear, where you will be able to use the username and password you just setup to login to your new player account.

Play Poker

The only step left now before you can start to play poker is to make your first deposit and claim your lucrative welcome package. This includes a free $8 set of tickets to get you started, a first deposit bonus of up to $400 free as a gift from 888 poker, and free entries into the $2.5million freeroll series, which if you win, will make this the best ever welcome package in history!

To claim your welcome package then from the main lobby screen click the “Cashier” button in the top right corner.

This will take you to the cashier screen, where you can fund your player account ready to play at the tables. 888 Poker accept most major payment methods and these are listed down the left hand side of the screen. Click on your preferred payment method and then proceed to complete the short form with your details associated with that payment method.

Your welcome package first deposit bonus will be automatically assigned to you. You won’t be able to just cash out your bonus amount straight away and your bonus will be released to you in stages as you play poker. This is a fraud prevention method to ensure only genuine players benefit from the bonus. Full details can be found in our 888 Poker Bonus Guide.

Once you have made a deposit and have some funds in your account balance then go back to the lobby screen. There are two views in the lobby, one is a “quick start” view which will help you find a table quickly. The other is the “detailed view” which will list all games in a table format. You will probably want to use the detailed view once you are used to the software, but stick to the quick start view if you prefer it for now.

Make sure you are in the “Real Money” section rather than the play money tables and select the game type you prefer and choose a table, or tournament to play at. Double click the chosen table will open a window with that table and you can click on any open seat in order to sit down and start to play.

Now all that is left is to play poker. 888’s software is among the best in the industry and you should fine it quite intuitive to navigate around and do what you want. Wishing you good luck at the tables and hope your first pot you scoop is a big one!