WSOP Champion Greg Raymer Arrested on Prostitution Charges – Real or Fake?

Greg RaymerGreg Raymer, the 2004 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion is a well known face in the poker world and to many fans across the world.

He is regularly seen at the big events on the poker circuit and is always well received and garners a respect from other poker professionals that some other World Champions have failed to receive.

He has been a great ambassador and spokesman for Poker over the years since he became world champion. Well at least he has been up until now!

Raymer was arrested in March of this year by the Wake Forest police department in North Carolina on charges involving prostitution.

Prostitution Charges

According to the court documents, Raymer was arrested after he responded to an advert posted on a website. This website is known to be used by prositutes, but this time Raymer’s luck ran out. The advert had been planted by an undercover police officer.

Fossilman prositution sting

Raymer was one of six men to respond to the advert and was subsequently arrested as part of the sting.

Raymer, along with the other 5 men who also responded to the advert were coerced into a meeting place at a local hotel, where the cops had set up the trap. As each of the men arrived, expecting to meet a beautiful lady for some fun time, they were instead met by the police and were now facing some jail time. 

Raymer in Court Appearance – The Verdict

Greg arrived in court to face the charges brought against him, in what must have been a humiliating experience.

According to the court documents obtained and reported on by TMZ, Raymer was officially facing two charges, the first being charges of soliciting a hooker and the second being charges that he had intended to commit a sexual act that was described as an “abominable and detestable crime against nature”.

The documents do not specify any more detail, but in the state of North Carolina there are three crimes that fall under that category:

  1.  Sodomy (which includes oral copulation and rear entry)
  2. Buggary (rear entry)
  3. Beastiality (animals)

We’ll let your minds run wild on which one it actually was!

Raymer completed 75 hours of community service at a local non profit mental health centre, and this was taken into account in court with both charges against him being dropped after a mental health assessment was undertaken.

After the court hearing, a statement released by Greg via his attorney said:

“Mr. Raymer is very sorry for this lapse in judgment. He regrets deeply the pain he has caused his family, friends and fans. Mr. Raymer is grateful for the many expressions of support he has received.”

About Greg Raymer

Greg Raymer is an established poker professional and burst into the limelight when he won the 2004 World Series of Poker Main Event and along with it a $5million prize. 

He has continued to be a successful poker player with career total winnings of $7.5million.

Despite this lapse of judgement by Raymer, he is still well liked in the poker world and there has been mixed reaction to news of his arrest. Some feel sorry for him, that he was trapped in such an underhand way by the police, others say he was silly and should have just stuck to the prostitutes in Vegas (where there is much less focus by the police!).

Either way, I’m still a big Raymer fan, and I think he will pull through this just fine – after all, we are all just human, and from time to time we all do silly things.

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