Team Full Tilt Poker – Meet the Team behind FullTilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker has a long history of having the most famous and high profile team of sponsored professional players.

In the past these players were known under the name Team Full Tilt and contained some big celebrity poker names such as Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson.

Team Full Tilt were more than just sponsored pro’s however as many of the high profile members were also shareholders and founders of the company. It was their original idea, concept, design and ongoing idea’s for development that really make Full Tilt Poker what it is today, a poker room designed by poker players for poker players.

Team Full Tilt Final Table

The former Team Full Tilt Poker included some of the biggest names in poker

The majority of these players are no longer associated with Full Tilt after the acquisition of the company by Pokerstars. The new Full Tilt has a much smaller team of professional poker players who are now know simply as “The Professionals”.

In this section you can find out all about the history and achievements of The Professionals and the former Team Full Tilt Poker.

Full Tilt Poker – The Professionals

Since Full Tilt Poker was relaunched under the ownership of Pokerstars it has cut down the size of it’s team of players who endorse and promote the company. This smaller team is now called “The Professionals”.

Viktor Blom Profile picture

Sweden Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom – Fearless Young Poker Whizz
Viktor Isildur1 Blom has earned his reputation through his aggressive no-holds-barred style and willingness to take on any opponent at any stake level. [more...]

Tom Dwan profile picture

USA Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan – Possibly the Greatest Online Poker Player ever?
With his current winning record, Tom 'durrr' Dwan is recognised as a modern poker genius. But is he the greatest ever Online Poker Player? [more...]

Gus Hansen

Denmark Gus Hansen – The Most Aggressive Poker Player on the Planet?
Lets take a closer look at Gus ‘The Great Dane’ Hansen who is highly respected due to the way that he stood up for the players of Full Tilt Poker during the difficult Full Tilt Poker black Friday situation. [more...]

The Former Team Full Tilt

The former Team Full Tilt is a collection of some of the biggest named Pro’s around, many of which are also former shareholders in the company. Although they are no longer associated with the company, the role they have played in the vision and growth behind Full Tilt is considerable and they remain an important part of the companies history.

Aaron Bartley

USA Aaron Bartley – The Success Story of Online Poker
Aaron Bartley is most often known in online poker as "GambleAB" and was one of the success stories of the early days of online poker. [more...]

David Benyamine

France David Benyamine – Competitive Drive to be Successful
David Benyamine was born in France and spent time as a professional Tennis Player and Top 10 National Billiards player before turning his skills to Poker. [more...]

Andy Black

Ireland Andy Black – The Monk – Mixing Poker and Buddhism
Andy Black is known in poker circles as “The Monk”. After 5 years away from Poker living monastic life as a Buddhist devotee he returned to great success. [more...]

Andy Bloch

USA Andy Bloch – From MIT Blackjack Team Movie Star to Top Poker Player
Andy Bloch was grounded in the world of Gambling by being a member of the Famous MIT Blackjack team which the movie "21" was based on. These days he is a top Poker player [more...]

John Cernuto

USA John Cernuto – Air Traffic Controller now controls the Poker Tables
John Cernuto has been around the professional poker circuit for over 18 years. After packing in his job as an Air Traffic Controller and moving to Las Vegas [more...]

Allen Cunningham

USA Allen Cunningham – Able to Analyze any Situation at the Poker Table
Allen Cunningham is recognised as one of the best poker players in the world. He is Disciplined and has an amazing ability to Analyse things at the table. [more...]

Roland de Wolfe

United Kingdom Roland de Wolfe – Journalist Who is Now Creating the News
Roland de Wolfe started life as a Journalist reporting on Poker Tournaments for Inside Edge magazine. Now he wins millions at those same poker tournaments [more...]

Chris Ferguson

USA Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson – Poker God turned Poker Devil?
Chris Ferguson, the well branded poker player and the brains behind Full Tilt Poker but now faces growing animosity after the events of Black Friday [more...]

Phil Gordon

USA Phil Gordon – dot com Millionaire, Poker TV Celeb and FullTilt Suckout
Phil Gordon is one of the most recognizable TV faces from the poker world. Former part owner of Full Tilt Poker, Black Friday was a dark period of his life [more...]

Clonie Gowen

USA Clonie Gowen – Former Beauty Queen turned Poker Pro
Clonie Gowen is a former Beauty Queen turned Poker Pro who was one of the early faces of the TV poker boom thanks to her good looks and poker skills. [more...]

Jennifer Harman

USA Jennifer Harman – The Greatest Ever Female Poker Player?
Many people believe that Jennifer Harman is not just the best female player in the world, but also amongst the top players in the world regardless of sex [more...]

Phil Ivey

USA Phil Ivey – The Most Feared Opponent on the Planet
Phil Ivey is considered the best player in the world with tournament winnings of $18m and who knows how much more from the nose bleed stakes cash games he plays in [more...]

John Juanda

Indonesia John Juanda – Quietly Scooping up the Pot
John Juanda is one of the quietest poker players you will meet, however he is also one of the most dangerous and feared players in the world. [more...]

Howard Lederer

USA Howard Lederer – The Most Hated Man in Poker?
A few years ago Howard Lederer was one of the most well known Poker Players. Now, after his full involvement in Full Tilt Poker and their near bankruptcy has been revealed he has been ousted from the poker community. [more...]

Erick Lindgren

USA Erick Lindgren – Debt, Gambling & Rehab
Erick Lindgren was one of the early "poker boom" TV celebrities, but his relationship with gambling is one that has lead him to massive debt and rehab. [more...]

Jeff Madsen

USA Jeff Madsen – Exploded into Poker Winning $1.4m at his First WSOP
Jeff Madsen borrowed money from his college fund and his Parents to go to the 2006 World Series of Poker. He came away with 2 Bracelets and $1.4million [more...]

Mike Matusow

USA Mike Matusow – Drugs, Jail and the WSOP Main Event Final Table
Mike Matusow is the ‘bad boy’ of poker and the poker world loves him for it. Having served time in Jail for drug offences he turned his life around and made the final table of the WSOP Main Event in 2005 [more...]

Robert Mizrachi

USA Robert Mizrachi – Teaching his Brothers How to Win Millions at Poker
Despite winning millions Robert Mizrachi is often pushed into the background by the success of younger brother Michael who Robert taught and mentored [more...]

Hendon Mob

United Kingdom The Hendon Mob – 4 Players Who Created Britains Biggest Poker Brand
The Hendon Mob are just 4 simple poker players based around Hendon in London. Stars of the hit TV show Late Night Poker they have been around from the start [more...]

Carlos Mortensen

Spain Carlos Mortenson – First Ever to Win both the WSOP & WPT Championships
Carlos Mortenson is the first player to ever win both the WSOP and WPT world championship events. Known for the imaginative way he arranges his chip stacks [more...]

Greg Mueller

Canada Greg Mueller – Hockey Pro turned into a $2million Poker Pro
Greg Mueller is a former Hockey Professional who turned his back on the game to concentrate on Poker, the right move after amassing $2m in lifetime winnings [more...]

Max Pescatori

Italy Max Pescatori – Soccer or Poker? $3m says he made the right choice
In his youth, Max Pescatori was torn between playing soccer and poker. With over $3m in winnings as a Poker Pro, he thinks he made the right choice [more...]

Eddy Scharf

Germany Eddy Scharf – Airline Pilot Flying High at the Poker Tables
Eddie "Eddy" Scharf is a commercial airline pilot who is also one of the most experienced poker players in Germany with 2 WSOP bracelets to his name. [more...]

Erica Schoenberg

USA Erica Schoenberg – A Life Destined Towards Gambling
Erica Schoenberg grew up in a family centered around Gambling and joined in as soon as she was old enough to understand. Known as BlackJack Babe for her love of Blackjack. [more...]

Huck Seed

USA Huck Seed – Basketball Geek turned Poker World Champion
Huck Seed was a former College Basketball player and star of the TV documentary Quantum Hoops. Now he is a Poker World Champion with 5 WSOP bracelets [more...]

Erik Seidel

USA Erik Seidel – One of the Few Remaining of the Old Generation of Poker
Erik Seidel will be remembered as a star of the movie Rounders and his incredible success with a staggering $20 million in career poker earnings. [more...]

Gavin Smith

Canada Gavin Smith – The Liveliest Guy at the Table
Gavin Smith started life as a dealer and went on to be a successful and well know poker player with WSOP and WPT titles and $6million in winnings. [more...]

Paul Wasicka

USA Paul Wasicka – Recovering from being one card away from World Champion
It was a devastating blow that was hard to take for Paul Wasicka, despite becoming a wealthy man after losing heads up at the 2006 WSOP Main Event [more...]

Lee Watkinson

USA Lee Watkinson – Wrestling His Way to the Top of the Poker World
Lee Watkinson is a Wrestler where he has to use strategy to beat opponents, now he applies strategy on the poker tables with career winning of $4 million+ [more...]

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